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Christians Who That? Who is a Christian?

Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

Christians Who That?
Who is a Christian?"The act is far more meaningful than words." Many people claim that he is a Christian. Is it because a person is admitted as a Christian it means the person is really a Christian?

To prove that the person is a Christian, let us consider the Christian definition. In biblical language the New Testament Greeks third edition, 1983, Christian said there are only two times that in Acts 11:26 and 1 Peter 4:14.

In the two texts, Christians written in the form of a noun that means is people who already belong to or the followers of Christ. When we look at the English Bible, Christians in this text is written "Christian". Where the word is derived from two words are combined, namely: Christ means that Christ and "Ian" meaning people.

Based on the integration of these two words, then we can conclude that Christians are followers of Christ or those who had surrendered himself to Christ. An analogy is the word "Indonesian" in English means "people of Indonesia or Indonesian citizens."

Being a follower or someone who had surrendered himself to Christ it means the person must adopt all the lifestyle of Christ in his life. Let us look at the background of nicknames that expressed an outsider against the followers of Christ in Acts 11:26, that is because when Christ was still together with them, they often hold meetings and listen to the Word of God through Jesus Christ. And after Jesus ascended into heaven (Acts 2:11), and even then students often hold meetings and studying the Word of God, Acts 2:46; 11:17. So to deserve to call himself a Christian, he has to actively involve themselves in the association of the saints, because Christ has set an example so and so well that it should be done by his followers, Hebrews 10:25.

The origin of the term Protestant to Protestant Christianity is the nickname given by people who do not like the protest actions of Martin Luter. So the followers of Martin Luther which means they call the Protestant followers protest handyman.

To be eligible for identifying themselves as a Christian, then that person should also be a follower of Christ in terms of obedience to God.

Jesus clearly stated that everything that He said and did everything in accordance with the will of my Father in heaven, Hebrews 5:8-9. Jesus' obedience to God the Father to produce positive fruit in the various aspects of life, among other things: He is faithful to live the teachings of religion. Jesus came to John to be baptized, Matthew 3:15, live under the law, Galatians 4:4, but never violate that law, Hebrews 4:12, ".... been exposed to try on in many ways just like us but without sin. "He was obedient to the government, Romans 13:1-8. To his disciples Jesus said, ".... pay to the emperor emperor goods have ...." Mark 12:17. In this text, the disciples spoke about the attitude of his followers against the government whether to obey or not. Jesus answered: "obey". Through Luke, Jesus says that there are indeed limits our obedience to the government that if government regulations were against the principle of truth of the Word of God then we should not do it, otherwise if government regulations were in accordance with the commandments of God, then we are obliged to run it, Acts 5:29.

He showed His love for all mankind. God has declared His love for man with mengutusYesus to the world, John 3:16. To demonstrate His love for God, Jesus Christ, preaching the way of salvation, John 4:7-14; Not making a distinction between human beings. He visited the home of the Samaritans. In John 4 Jesus told about the meeting with the Samaritan woman. In those days there was no friendship among the Jews with the Samaritans. He also preached salvation to the people who hate on people at the time of Zacchaeus, Luke 19:1-10.

As a follower of Christ or those who profess a Christian, did we show our type or Jesus to God the Father in our lives? If we are not active in the association berjemaah or we are still looking at a way in friendship, we really are not worthy of bearing the name Christian.

The average person knows and never eat the sweet orange. Have you ever wondered why it is called sweet orange? Her skin was soft and smooth and look good. But amazing is not just its form, but also taste the sweet. I think that's why oranges are so-called sweet orange.

If in our daily lives reflected the beauties of deeds of Christ then we will be called followers of Christ, Colossians 3:16-17. Let us become Christians in deed and not just in words alone

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